About Aeroponic.Net

I am all about growing things! So howdy! I am 420 Grower and you can probably guess what I like to grow. Aeroponic.Net was created to help growers learn about aeroponic and hydroponic growing methods and  systems. Aeroponics and hydroponics are both  great ways to grow your plants and it is not as hard as some make it out to be.

About Aeroponic.Net

Yes I really look like that LOL.

What Aeroponic.Net Is About

Passions come and go but growing has never left me. I have sites where I focus on my grows like https://420dotcom.com/ but I also wanted a site that focused mainly on systems growers can use. And that is where this website comes in.

I like to review products that I actually use or that I believe strongly in because obviously no one can try everything. I never do paid reviews or review sponsored products so my reviews are based on my honest opinion.

I am all about closet growing and making the most out of small spaces. So my focus is on closet and tent growers and not large commercial grows.

Sometimes we use the same products and sometimes not. While HPS is king in most commercial grows LEDs are far better suited for smaller grows.

Truth be known good LED lights are far superior in every way but with the higher entry price most large grows go with Gravitas.

They often run sealed rooms with ACs and dehumidifiers and high levels of CO2. But most smaller growers dont have sealed rooms. That makes growing and climate control a bit more challenging and most home growers dont run CO2 either.

So if you grow in a tent or closet or cabinet this website is all about you. If you haven’t started growing your own then why not? Tired of high dispensary prices and commercial schwag yet? Don’t know where to start? The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. This website can help you get started!

Would you like to grow your own weed? There is a ton of stuff online about growing. Often confusing and often contradictory and all over the place too. I have been growing for years and I am a closet grower.

Here is a link to my last closet grow https://420grower.org/mac-1-sog-house-and-garden-grow/ and another to a review of my preferred nutrients https://aeroponic.net/house-and-garden-nutrients/and a pic of one of my buds.


So my focus is small grows. I dont run sealed rooms and dont rely on CO2 to boost yields. I rely on knowledge and learning my plants, not a quick fix. But that’s me and we are talking about you. And yes you can grow buds like this too.


So if you actually have a room to grow in consider yourself lucky but I am going to assume you are a beginner with limited space and probably a limited budget. So you are going to need a space to grow in. It needs to be able to be kept dark for 12 hours every day with no light leaks. Weather and rip off artists make outdoor growing too risky so we will be growing indoors. Legal or not the less people that know you are growing the better.

Your best choice is probably going to be a grow tent. A closet can work well provided you can vent out the heat. For really tight spaces you can run a grow cabinet but their smaller size will limit what you can grow.

You will need an exhaust fan and a carbon filter too. Otherwise your plants will get too hot and your house will smell like weed. I like AC Infinity fans and filters. For a 2×4 space you need a 4 inch fan as a minimum and anything larger should be 6 inch. It does not hurt to oversize a bit. The fans will last for years but the filters will need to be renewed every year or two. Trust me you really need these.

Aeroponic And Hydroponic Grow Systems

Here are some links to some DIY projects you can build for yourself.