Aeroponic System OG Kush Grow

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  • Date: June 24, 2024
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Here is my latest OG Kush grow in my homemade high pressure aeroponic system.

The strain is called Biker Kush and it is from Karma Genetics. It is a Hells Angel OG X SFV OG cross

OGs are fussy and hard to grow. They produce killer smoke but don’t have a high yield generally.

They take about 10 weeks to fully mature and have thin leggy upright branches that require support.

So they are not a grower favorite but are in high demand by tokers.

Aeroponic System OG Kush Grow - Biker Kush at 6 weeks

OG Kush Grow Journal

I love a challenge so I decided to give them a go in my aeroponic system. It is doing quite well after a bumpy start.

They need a lot of cal/mag and are prone to deficiencies at the start.

This grow is from seed so they may turn out to be easier from clones but I would not recommend them for new growers especially if you are also new to aeroponics.

I have made a series of weekly videos and will continue to update them. If you want more detailed grow info you can follow it at:

I apologize for lack of videos. Unfortunately Google removed my YouTube site. I have included a gallery of photos in their place.

Biker Kush – Hells Angel OG X SFV OG – Week 1&2

The first 2 weeks were bumpy for these girls but they turned it around thanks to lots of CaliMagic and some Sea Green. Since then there really haven’t been any nutrient problems.

Biker Kush – Hells Angel OG X SFV OG – Week 3

I know it’s controversial but I am a big believer in removing fan leaves. Defoliating allows more light to the lower branches and bud sites and better airflow too. Some strains don’t do as well with defoliation as others but OG Kush seems to thrive on it.

Biker Kush – Hells Angel OG X SFV OG – Week 4

Girls are flowering and hitting the screen. A few short ones barely made it through. I think the taller ones will be the keepers.

Biker Kush – Hells Angel OG X SFV OG – Week 5

A lot of growth in the last week as these girls stretch and flower. The taller girls definitely are outpacing the shorter ladies.

Biker Kush – Hells Angel OG X SFV OG – Week 6

Serious flowering going on and these Hells Angel OG girls are bringing it home.

Biker Kush – Hells Angel OG X SFV OG – Week 7

Biker Kush is really starting to stack really well. It amazes me how much they can grow in a week’s time.

Biker Kush – Hells Angel OG X SFV OG – Week 8

Starting on the home stretch and will begin to flush these girls for their last 2 weeks.

Biker Kush – Hells Angel OG X SFV OG – Week 9

Seeing mostly cloudy trichomes and a few amber ones here and there even though the pistils aren’t turning brown yet.

Biker Kush Harvest Time – Week 10

These pics were taken just before chopping at the end of week 10. Hate to do it to these beautiful ladies but needs to be done.

Harvest time has come. Incredible lemon fuel smells. Final yield was 15 ounces which is not too bad from seed with no veg time. With the right girls harvest weights should improve dramatically. One plant was a runt with barely any yield and a few others were fairly light on yields.

Some frosty Biker Kush Buds

The taller girls were the best yielders and my best plant gave me 3 ounces. So with a bit of selection growing OG Kush doesn’t mean settling for low yields.

Final Yeild

Karma Genetics did a great job on this Biker Kush. If you want a true OG in seed form this is the one.

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