High Pressure Aeroponic Misting Head Assembly

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  • Date: December 18, 2021
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This is an example of a high pressure aeroponic misting head assembly that you can use inside your totes.

High Pressure Aeroponic Misting Head Assembly - reptile mister

I used reptile misters on my first high pressure aeroponic system but I am planning to update with a different assembly.

They were expensive, although the fittings were excellent quality and worked good. I don’t think you really need all that articulation because the tote will fill evenly with mist without it.

Sometimes  the fittings got moved around when I was examining my roots so I wanted to go with fixed fittings this time around. It was overkill on my part and 2 misters with this the new assembly will cost half as much.

Below is a 3/8″ system while the reptile misters run on a 1/4″ system and what I recommend you use instead:

High Pressure Aeroponic Misting Head AssemblyFull information on this misting assembly at:http://aeroponic.net/tefen-misting-nozzles-aeroponic-mister-nozzles/

High Pressure Aeroponic Misting Head Assembly Which One To Use?

It is really your choice. They both work well. Ultimately it depends on whether you want to run 1/4 or 3/8 inch mainlines. If you are planing on running more than one tote the 3/8 is probably the better choice.

Both systems use tefen nozzles so misting performance is the same at any given pressure. You can run a 3/8 mainline and then run 3/8 to 1/4 reducing tees if you want the articulation the reptile misters offer.

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