Tefen Misting Nozzles – Aeroponic Mister Nozzles

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  • Date: December 18, 2021
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I have been using Tefen misting nozzles in my high pressure aeroponic system for a while now. They work great and produce a fine mist in the 50 to 140 micron range depending on the pressure. They are rated at 3 GPH. My mist is at 80 psi and the droplets are fog or mistlike with just a few larger droplets.

Tefen Misting Nozzles These Really Work Well

Each tefen nozzle comes with a 100 micron filter and I have had no problems with clogging. These nozzles are inexpensive and will do a great job for you. It is always a good idea to have a few spares. That way if you should get a clog you can easily swap it out. These misting nozzles come 10 to a pack. They are black and have a 1/8″ NPT base.

I recently noticed the 10 pack became unavailable and the black nozzles were only available in lots of 100. Then it became available again but you can substitute nozzles as they all produce the same micron size and only the flow rate varies.

It seems availability is hit or miss for these nozzles so I hope they stay in stock. Apparently stock keeps changing but I got my nozzles on Amazon at Pro Water Parts here. Just type nozzles into the store’s search box. Also available from Tefen

The best setup is using these nozzles with the push fit tees. The nozzle screws into the tee and the supply lines push right into the ends. These seem to move around a bit on Amazon so it is best to go to the Pro Water Parts or Tefen site on Amazon.

10 White Plastic Tee Assembly w/ 3/8″ Push in-1GPH Nozzle W/Poly Filter

Here is what they look like. They are sold by 1o pack,sometimes 5 pack and singly. Mine were black but currently all I see is white ones.  Makes no difference what the body color is.

Tefen Misting Nozzles - Aeroponic Mister NozzlesYou can change nozzles easily and these don’t drip. They were actually made for misting produce and customers don’t want to get dripped on obviously. They also start spraying as soon as the pump kicks on which is good and stop the second it shuts off, also good.

I started with black nozzles rated 3 GPH but seemed they were actually putting out too much water so I changed mine to blue AT 1.5 GPH and they work just as well if not better. The white nozzles are rated at 1 GPH and will be just fine.

If you do get another nozzle type you will find the filters are too long to screw the misting head into the tee. Simply cut it flush with the nozzle end using a razor knife and you’re good to go.

If you look you will see I use Tefen Misting Nozzles for my HPA builds http://aeroponic.net/high-pressure-aeroponics-diy-system/

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